A step by step guide and tips for maximising the profitability of your property

First impressions count! It is human nature to make a judgement within the first few seconds, so it is important to make the best impression you can when inviting potential buyers into your home.

Set the right price

The most important factor when selling your property is setting an appropriate price. Without this, you are unlikely to have many viewings, let alone offers. A well-priced property, on the other hand, will have more interest, viewings and offers – which puts you in a better position to be able to select the right buyer. Our agents have excellent knowledge of the market and can help you to value and price your property.

Make a grand entrance

It is important not to neglect the first area your guests will notice when they arrive for a viewing – tidy and dust the front garden and consider cleaning or painting your front door. The front garden should be kept neat and healthy - perhaps call a gardener for maintenance if needed, particularly during the summer months. Make the entrance area as clean and welcoming as possible. If you live in an apartment building this includes the communal areas such as the corridor and lifts too.

Brighten up the space

Natural light in your home can work wonders. After location, it is the second highest-ranking feature that buyers request. A bright home is welcoming and attractive to potential buyers. Achieve this easily by cleaning all of your windows, removing heavy or dark curtains and lampshades, maximising the output of your lights by replacing lightbulbs or increasing the wattage, and you could even consider reducing any plants or bushes outside your windows so that they can’t block the sun. Do what you need to do because it will dramatically lift the mood and the attractiveness of the interior.

Renovate and redecorate

There is no need to refurbish the entire property, but a coat of paint and a few touch-ups can make a big difference. Pay attention to stains, cracks and any other signs of damage that could lead a potential buyer to have concern that there could be a more serious issue with the property. The air conditioning, plumbing and lights should be working and the walls clean. Consider replacing kitchen appliances if yours are looking old and complete any jobs such as fixing shelves or cupboard doors.

Calming colours

Consider lightening the colour of any dark walls in your home, as a lighter interior gives the illusion of a bigger room. The same applies for doors. There should be a neutral colour scheme throughout your home. The most popular colours are white and beige as they help to brighten and widen the space, and also make it easier for viewers to imagine themselves living there. The colour scheme should include curtains, floors, furniture, cushions and bedding. It needn’t cost too much to make a few colour changes to the interior of your property, but the impact on its profitability can be huge.

Clean and de-clutter

Since we are in the desert, a lot of dusting might be required, both inside the property and any outside spaces. Another key factor that won’t go unnoticed is the grout between your kitchen or bathroom tiles! It is important to clean it all as it makes a huge improvement to the appearance of your property and it is easy to do yourself or to call somebody who can provide this service. De-cluttering also makes a huge improvement to your property’s appearance and the illusion of its size. The less of your belongings left in the house, the larger the space is likely to seem to the viewer, and the easier it will be for them to visualise themselves and their own belongings in the property. The rooms needn’t be left bare, but if you keep it minimal this will encourage a calmer feeling and there will appear to be more storage space. You could even call a home stager to arrange your furniture and showcase your property to maximise this effect.

Are you ready for viewing day?

If you have taken the necessary steps above to prepare your property for that all-important viewing day, don’t forget about what you can do on the actual day to optimise the experience! Viewers tend to feel more comfortable looking around when you are not there. If you have to be home during the viewing then try to be discreet and make sure pets and children are out of the way, ideally with a friend or a neighbour. If you can, try to avoid any harsh noises such as washing machines, television, construction or lawn mowers. However, some soft music such as jazz could improve the ambience.

To make your home even more welcoming, some attractive scents can be effective, such as vanilla candles, fresh flowers, a pot of coffee brewing or even something sweet baking in the oven. Try to avoid having the viewing dates clashing with any nearby events that could make the area you live in seem noisy or busy and we are in a hot country, so please do keep the air con turned on!