The Expo 2020 Dubai is now finally open and they made sure the world knew about it! With its glittering and glamourous opening ceremony, the Expo hosts 192 country pavilions, showcasing their culture, innovation, and history.

So get your expo passports ready, because we’ve listed down our tip 10 pavilions to visit during your next stop here:


Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the UAE Pavilion was inspired by the shape of a falcon’s wing. (National animal)

The building was built with sustainability in mind and features 28 carbon fiber “wings” that can be closed to protect the solar panels on the roof.

At the heart of the pavilion is a faceted sphere that houses an auditorium. When customers ascend to the top floor, they experience audio-visual shows with a 360° view! The pavilion is designed to show the rich history of the country with its view of the future!


The UK Pavillion was designed by architect Es Devlin Studio, who was inspired by one of Stephen Hawking’s final projects, ‘Breakthrough Message’. The UK Pavilion, also known as the Poem Pavilion, invites you to think about what message we would send as a planet if we one day encounter other advanced civilizations in space. They use advanced machine learning algorithms to transform visitors’ input into collective poems. The latter can be read on luminous displays on the façade, transforming the pavilion into the exhibition itself.


How magnificent does The Belgian Pavillion look?! Designed by architects Assar & Vincent Callebaut the Pavillion aims to showcase the country’s industrial, technological and scientific know-how globally. This floral, monolithic, sober and elegant pavilion, also known as the ‘Green Arch’, reflects ‘Belgitude’, a clever blend of Latin romanticism in the arts and Anglo-Saxon technical precision in the industrial branches.

At the BeHappy restaurant, you can enjoy fantastic Belgian specialties in a luxurious yet cozy ambiance. You’ll also find two fast food kiosks serving Belgian fries and waffles… because no experience of Belgium is complete without them. And the best part? The gorgeous rooftop terrace from where you can enjoy the sunset over the Expo 2020 Dubai site.


Did you know that the steel and glass used to build the Burj Khalifa was made in Luxembourg? And that’s not even the only cool thing about the Luxembourg Pavilion!

Every country has something cool to offer in its pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, and Luxembourg is certainly making an impression with its giant slide. Yep, you read that right…

Designed by architect Metaform, the pavilion is themed ‘Resourceful Luxembourg’ and extols the country’s openness and dynamism. It shows how Luxembourg combines its human, natural, technical, industrial, and financial resources to create a more sustainable future.

Visitors’ journey begins with a few questions displayed on a screen while they wait in line to enter the pavilion. They can then go all the way to the top and take the giant slide to the exit!


You can expect a country like China to provide the largest country pavilion of all 197 countries at the Expo. A total of 4,636 sq. ft! 

The China Pavilion is an icon of hope, combining traditional Chinese aspects with modern architectural ideas.

The pavilion dramatically showcases China’s intense culture and long history by combining Chinese aspects with the latest technologies. Some really cool features of the exhibition include the impressive light show in its park. And a wild experience with 5G, AI, and bright processes! There is also great music and dancing


The Netherlands Pavilion is all about sustainability! Designed as a biotope is all about giving visitors a sensory experience and we’re all here for it! The place has certainly built a name for itself with its controlled climate system and its unique design which allows visitors to experience the connection between water, energy, and food.

At the pavilion, you can see how the three sectors can be linked-to develop unique integrated solutions and thereby create a more sustainable world. Check out how they extract water from the desert air to create an indoor climate where we can grow food products such as mushrooms. The Pavillion also generates its own energy! 

Our favorite though is the floor-to-ceiling, cone-shaped vertical farm at the heart of the exhibition.


Voted amongst the coolest Pavallions at Expo 2020 ( via Timeout Dubai) the Jamaican Pavillion is where you want to be for those jam-packed party vibes. Special features include shipping containers from across the world organized into zones to showcase the country’s sports, food, music, cultural heritage, investment attractiveness, and tourism. The artwork in the shipping containers is inspired by Jamaica’s annual International Reggae Poster Contest

At the Jamaican Pavillion, you can experience an introduction to extraordinary Blue Mountain Coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world! There is also a Music Studio that spotlights some of the most famous musicians, artists, and producers including the iconic Bob Marley! This place is Jamaican us crazy.


Discover the land of Pharos and Pyramids at the Egyptian Pavillion. Designed by architect Hazem Hamada, the Pavilion is built on 4 levels and has a total height of 19m. It consists of Hieroglyphic letters in additional Glass facades and dynamic light to give the effect of the ancient Pharaoh civilization.

One of its coolest features is their digital tour guide Ayda who gives visitors a high-end virtual journey at uncovering the story of the Egyptians past & present achievements. And if you’re anything like us and love mummy stories, check out their not one but 3 original antique Pharaoh statues. And while you’re at it, mix the past with the future and enjoy a 3D experience to travel through a time machine into Egypt’s future!


‘Enrol’ at Campus Germany for an entertaining, surprising, and hands-on digital experience. 

Visitors making their way through the German Pavillion can expect to come across several campus-related features: the “enrolment” process, a welcome event, and a “curriculum” covering the topics of energy, future, and biodiversity. Mirroring the real-life campus and student experience, the journey will end with an exhilarating ceremony in the Graduation Hall. How cool it that?

They also have a fab restaurant serving German cuisine, a performance stage providing cultural entertainment, and an exhibition full of entertainment!


In the Singapore Pavillion, it’s hard to tell where nature begins and the architect ends

Theme: Nature. Nurture. Future, the Singapore Pavilion offers an overview of what a city in nature can look like and how this vision can also be realized everywhere through intelligent and sustainable urban solutions.

Beyond the stunning first impression, visitors will be taken on a journey that is a microcosm of Singapore’s changing landscape. An immersive 3-dimensional green experience, a net-zero energy rainforest fed by a self-sustaining ecosystem, and the history of Singapore through interactive exhibits. You’ll also find local shops with authentic food and shopping opportunities! This pavilion is one of a kind and you should not miss it!

So this is our way of exploring some of the coolest Expo pavilions. There’s so much to discover here. So be sure to make your way here to discover them all and much more!

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