A Neighbourhood Guide To Jumeirah Village Triangle Schools

Got your eyes set on Jumeirah Village Triangle? Planning to move here with the family? Concerned about how convenient their access to high-end schools will be?  

We’ve got you covered!

We know it’s hard enough moving homes, but doing with kids around, becomes more challenging. So with the help of our community agents, we prepared the scoop on everything you need to know about  schools in and around the pristine community of Jumeirah Village Triangle:

  1. Sunmark School

Located in District 5, of Jumeirah Village Triangle, The Sunmark School is known as one of the top 10 schools in Dubai academically. Backed by its rich history of over 40 years in education, the school has received global recognition for its approach towards positive learning, a concept where teaching profoundly is achieved by the development of one character, wellbeing, personal and academic excellence.

The Sunmark school caters to students from the nursery, all the way up to the sixth form. They also have some of the most unique and outstanding courses set in place like; Steam and Design Thinking, Forest Programmes, Virtual reality, and much more! It’s no surprise that the school received an ‘Outstanding’ rating by the BSOIA and ‘Very Good’ via the KHDA.

Location: Jumeirah Village Triangle, District 5
Curriculum: British
2021 KHDA Rating: Very Good
Average Fees: AED 59,400

2. Arcadia School

The Arcadia school was founded in 2016 as a primary institute in Jumeirah Village Triangle, District 9. It has since progressed to opening up its secondary section in 2020, located just a few meters away. 

Made up of over 54 different nationalities, the school has ample space for students to thrive, around 15.1 sq meters per child to be precise!  They even have Homework support and extracurricular classes for those looking for extra help. 

The school is highly popular for its state-of-the-art campus and for aiding about 12.1M AED in scholarships for students alone!

Location: Jumeirah Village Triangle, District 9
Curriculum: British
2021 KHDA Rating: Good
Average Fees: AED 54,825

3. Victor Heights Primary School

For those looking at schooling close by the community, Victory Heights Primary School is a great place to consider. Just a 10-minute drive away from Jumeirah Village Triangle, Victory Heights Primary School, Motor City, has rapidly established itself within the top 20 outstanding go-to British primary schools in the UAE. Founded in 2013, the school prides itself on offering premium British education for children between FS1 to year 8.

For parents looking at giving their kids an experience of creative learning, use of formative and summative assessments, and getting regular feedback from teachers, this is a place you’ll want to consider.

Location: Victory Heights, Sports City
Curriculum: British, IB
2021 KHDA Rating: Very Good
Average Fees: AED 43,227

4. Jumeirah International Nursery

As one of the oldest, and leading nurseries in the United Arab Emirates, Jumeirah International Nursery has been around for the past 40 years, with its recent branch opening in Jumeirah Village Triangle as an integral part of the Sunmark School.

The Nursery was the first in Dubai to cater to children as early as 45 days! Following the EYFS curriculum (Early Years Foundation) and integrating the EHV ™ (Education in Human Value) in their approach, the school is popular for creating a multi-smart learning environment where children are able to build their character and emotional intelligence from an early stage.

The school also boasts an outstanding track record! In 2017, Jumeirah International Nursery won the Edonable parents choice award and in 2018, won Nursery of the Year!

Location: Jumeirah Village Triangle, District 5
Curriculum: EYFS British
Average Fees: AED 12,290

So that’s our take on the schools in and around Jumeirah Village Triangle. If this is the community where you want to build your next home, give us a call! Our community experts are super savvy out in the field and know all the ins and outs about the place.

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