Restaurants In And Around Jumeirah Park

Rain or shine, it’s time to dine! If you’re like us and love some good food and great vibes, we’re here to give you all the details on where to find the best restaurants for a hasty and tasty experience in Jumeirah Park. The Jumeirah Park Pavillion is a popular destination for both residents and nearby communities for shopping, retail, and eateries. 

Loui Restaurant & Cafe Jumeirah Park

To all lovers of Lebanese cuisine: Loui Restaurant is the place to go to experience the authentic taste of Lebanon. Whether you are meeting friends or relaxing after work, the Loui team prides itself on providing a friendly, family atmosphere for its customers.

As you enter the restaurant, elegant décor of wood and marble stone awaits you with two golden hands in the center of the open show kitchen and French sushi bar. Enjoy the outdoor seating area in this glorious weather for good humor, live music, and a lively atmosphere.

Choose between a rich Lebanese Mezza, Arabic grill dishes, BBQ, and of course the signature sushi dishes. End the evening with a wide selection of desserts for those with a sweet tooth! Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Location: Jumeirah Park Pavillion

Cuisine: Lebanese

Contact: 04 442 0182

Kahloun Restaurant and Cafe

Looking for an original and oriental dining experience? Then visit Kahloun Restuarant and Cafe for a taste adventure unlike any other.

The ambiance is set in a chic Turkish décor with a smoking and non-smoking area. Located in the Jumeirah Park Pavilion, the restaurant offers guests a colorful array of starters, main courses, grills, and desserts. 

The best-selling dishes are Raw Kibbeh, Oil Hummus Fatteh, Fatteh Hummus Meat, and Eggplant Muttabal, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, such as Cold Appetisers, Breakfast, Breakfast and Cold Appetisers.

They have been rated 127 times by Talabat users, with a rating of 4.

Location: Jumeirah Park Pavillion

Cuisine: Lebanese

Contact: 04 4 5540936

Salé Sucré 

Are you someone who likes to break conventions and eat dessert first? Are you always turning the pages of your favorite book of desserts? Does a good pumpkin pie as a dessert fix everything for you? Then don’t miss out on all the deliciousness that Sale Sucre has to offer! 

Established in 1999, in Ciro, Egypt, and is your one-stop shop to satisfy your sweet cravings. Their pastry chefs are a team of experts giving you over 20 mouthwatering cake temptations. For a touch of panache, opt for all-the-rage Verrines presented in charming glass pots or the beautifully packaged Macarons that come in 10 delicious flavors. Don’t forget our Easter treats including our signature mango konafa or our smooth Egyptian Basbousa.

On top of this, Salé Sucré Pâtisserie offers bespoke cakes tailored to any occasion and fashioned by skilled cake decorators who draw and hand sculpt icing into whatever design you desire, whether it be for a child’s birthday party, corporate event or a wedding cake.

Location: Jumeirah Park Pavillion

Cuisine: Patisserie

Contact: 052 329 5144

Burger Fuel 

Life’s too short to eat bad burgers. Avoid all that and head down to Burgerfuel for a taste of healthy, fresh, and gourmet fast food! We’ve eaten a whole lot of burgers in our time to know that this is as good as it gets.

While it’s mostly about the burgers, they’re into some other stuff too. Like saving the planet. That’s why Burgerfuel runs enviro-mental and sustainability campaigns – a lot of tree-hugging has gone into the design of their chip cups, doofers, and burger bags.

So what’s so cool about them? Well besides the awesome burgers, they’ve got machines! The Burgerfuel fleet was made up of customers, classics, and muscle cards between 2965 and 2972. Check out their website to see all their events, popups and listen to their radio.

Location: Jumeirah Park Pavillion

Cuisine: Fast food

Contact: 80023835

Bite Me Burger Co.

At Bite Me Burger Co. size isn’t everything. Yep, that’s right. Mini-delightful burgers are just as good. Easy fit perfectly between your finger and thumb. You can get a couple, a few, or treat yourself to a massive box! 

Their delicious pick & mix mini-burgers are served in DUO, TRIO, QUAD, DOZEN & TWENTY FOUR sharing boxes.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to visit England to enjoy our burgers – you can nibble on them right to the heart of the UAE. So, whether you’re enjoying a bite on your own, having an Al-Desko lunch, party, special event, wedding, or amid a tense business meeting with 20 overseas clients, Bite Me Burger will get you everything you desire and fulfill all your mini-burger needs – because everybody needs a burger to love!

And their stores are top-notch; Chic interiors, plants all around, and our favorite, bun-shaped lamps!

Location: Jumeirah Park Pavillion

Cuisine: Fast food

Contact: 04 583 2121

In conclusion, Jumeirah Park Pavillion is an oasis for food lovers filled with flavorful delights. If you’d like to know about this community, you can contact us at 800ASCOT. While you’re at it, check out our properties for sale and rent, and if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, why not list with us!

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