How to prepare your home for a property-shoot

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Getting your home sold or rented is not an easy task. There’s more to it than just getting the right buyer or tenant, followed by pricing negotiations. First, you must generate interest and entice your potential buyers or tenants through visuals. A picture is worth  a thousand words, that’s why photographing your property from all the right angles is important. There are plenty of factors to consider when preparing your home for a photoshoot in Dubai. Some of these have to do with cleaning, others with aesthetics and lighting. Nevertheless, the objective is always the same: Making your home shine through and stand out across all property portals. 

This may seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to staging the living room and straightening crooked paintings.We promise you, it’s much simpler than that. Where to start? 

Step 1: Declutter 

Over the years we add our very own personal touch to our homes, adding paintings, pictures and other personal belongings. Removing these off frame before photographing your home should help an interested buyer in Dubai focus on the important elements of the property. You want to avoid any distractions and items that may prevent the interested party from picturing themselves inside the property. 

Step 2: Clean 

A thorough clean up is in order before proceeding to photograph your home. Think about it, you wouldn’t show up dirty and wearing a wrinkled suit to your company photoshoot? Of course not, it would be tremendously unappealing. The same logic applies when it comes to  photographing your home. Dust off every corner, wipe smudged glass and mop away every stain. Make sure to make your property glimmers by the end of it. A thorough cleaning will make your property appear bright, open and well maintained. 

Step 3: Remove personal photos

We love memories, especially the photos we hang up on our walls or place on our countertops. But these must be removed before your property shoot in Dubai. Remember, you are trying to get a potential buyer or tenant interested in your property and make them think that what they’re seeing…could someday be theirs. Nothing screams out “MINE” and scares off a client like personal photos. So make sure to make them feel welcomed and help them picture themselves in your property by removing your pictures. 

Step 4: Rearrange furniture

If the current furniture arrangement is giving you trouble to capture the right angles of your property, move it around, there’s nothing wrong with staging the property for a few hours while the photographers make your home stand out. Moving furniture around will help you create natural flow and open up any cramped up or small spaces in your home. 

You can go above and beyond and decor to your furniture. Scented candles, vases and flowers enhance the visual appeal of your property. 

Step 5: Make sure the lighting is on point

Let there be light! No one likes a dark space, an obscure living room, or a poorly lit kitchen. Homes are bright places where happiness is meant to shine through. Good lighting is essential for a successful photoshoot. Make sure all the light fixtures are working properly. If dark spaces are still noticeable in the property, try adding lights and letting natural lighting pierce through, nothing beats a ray of sunshine in Dubai. 


A property photo-shoot can be an easy “do it yourself” task. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to hire professionals who are familiar with the process and have the right lens, equipment and attention to detail for it. Many real estate agencies in Dubai offer this service within their premium marketing package. We assure you that our photographers can get the job done. A prime property photo-shoot is just one of the many benefits you will enjoy after listing with us!

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