Gyms In And Around The Springs Community – A Neighbourhood Guide

One of the best perks about living in The Springs is having access to serval gyms, in and around the community. No one wants to travel far for a quick workout. And whether you are a fitness lover, or someone looking to start a healthy journey and get in shape, we’ve jotted down some fantastic options close by:

Wearhouse Gym | Springs Souk

In the heart of the Springs, you can find one of Dubai’s best gyms, the Wearhouse Gym Springs Souk.  The arched ceilings and light wells give the gym an underground feel, and its location in a naturally atmospheric area gives a classy feel to the gym encouraging everyone to keep fit and healthy. It’s also packed with fantastic facilities like Personal training; bodybuilding, free weights, a cardio zone, as well as a fun juice bar, showers, and changing rooms.

The gym is open 7 days a week from 5 am to midnight on weekdays and 7 am to 10 am on weekends. Membership starts from AED 199. You can also book one of their many classes in advance for a sweat-packed session. 

F45 | Springs Souk

F45 is located on the first floor of Springs Souk. The ‘F’ stands for functional training and ’45’ stands for the total amount of sweat-dripping fun you will have!. You can find a mix of circuit and hit style workouts geared toward everyday movement. The training workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups so that you can better perform in all aspects of your daily life!

Start your trial today to join their class:

  •  Cardio – every Wednesday
  • Resistance – Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
  • Hybrid – Monday, Friday & Saturday. 

They also have challenges to push you to reach your goal. Plus it’s a great way to work with a group of people and get motivated to keep moving!

Sands Fitness | Motor City

Sand Fitness is a community-based gym located in Motor City and is all about redefining fitness limits. The gym has a super family-friendly community culture with qualified coaches and a variety of classes for ages 5 and plus.

Sand Fitness also has an app, so you can book classes on the go and track your daily progress. The training programs are designed for both athletes and beginners and can work with all body types; CrossFit (adults & kids), Ignite Function Fitness, Personal Training, Custome made sessions, Personal challenges, and more. 

Opening timings are from 6 am-9 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 6 pm on weekends.

Fitness First | The Lakes 

Fitness First The Lakes is a diverse community gym that gives you access to a wide range of group exercise classes using the latest training techniques. The fitness club also hosts an impressive area with best-in-class cardio, weight, strength training, and freestyle equipment. The club features a sprawling lawn area that overlooks the lake and a children’s pool that is bordered by sunbeds, mattresses, and umbrellas. Leisure facilities include two indoor squash courts while the outdoor leisure section is complemented by a volleyball area and two outdoor tennis courts.

The gym is open 7 days a week between 6 am to 10 pm.

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