Expert Tips To Sell Property In Jumeirah Village Triangle, Dubai

Jumeirah Village Triangle is packed with over 5,000 residential options including villas, townhouses, and apartments spreading over nine districts. So if you are someone living here and looking to sell your property, we know it can be hard work. That’s why we’re here to help! Our community experts have laid down some expert tips to sell property in Jumeirah Village Triangle so you can sell your home hassle-free and at the best possible price:

Don’t just sell the house, sell the lifestyle that comes with it!

This is key! Anyone can point out features of a home, and with so much competition in the market, the features are relatively the same; open plan, 5 bedrooms, big lounge, etc. But what sets your property apart from others is how you tell its story! For that, you need to get to know your neighborhood! 

How many schools are in Jumeirah Village Triangle? What are the best places to eat in the community? Gyms in Jumeirah Village Triangle? What are the healthcare options? What does a typical day look like? It’s important to know everything about the area, so when a serious buyer comes along you’re not just selling your property, you’re also selling the community, amenities, and the lifestyle that comes with it!

For example, a good aspect to mention is how villas in Jumeirah Village Triangle are nestled on the northern side of Dubai, towards the coastal areas such as Dubai Marina and JBR. The area is strategically developed between Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and Al Khail Road (E44), two of the major highways in the UAE, allowing an easier commute to other central locations of the emirate.

Hire a Real Estate Agent that’s a community specialist

Listing your property with a trusted community real estate agent can always increase your chances of selling your home. Agents bring experience, knowledge, and confidence to the table. They give you the best insights on your selling market, buyers market, price value, equity and are skilled in negotiations with buyers. They’ll also have professional people taking photos, videos, and advertising on their portals!

The great advantage of a real estate agent by your side is that you can avoid an emotional sale. If your villa in Jumeirah Village Triangle is where you have lived for several years, you might not be able to deal with buyer feedback or price negotiation. Having an agent takes that burden off your shoulders. Agents have your back and they are here to help you in every way! 

If you are considering selling, get in touch with one of our community specialists at 800 ASCOT for guidance and advice on the best decision for your property!

Get a property valuation 

Before you even list your villa for sale, make sure you get a property valuation done. Dubai’s real estate market ended 2021 at a record high with annual growth at its strongest in eight years! And sale prices going up in almost all residential villa communities, as a seller, you could enjoy a lot more money in your pocket. So it is important to know how much your property is worth in today’s Dubai Resl Estate Market and Jumeirah Village Triangle community. 

A&Co real estate offers free property valuations, when listing with us, our community specialist will help you set the best possible price and bring you up to date with all the relevant market knowledge, price, and trends.

Conduct open houses

In a family-friendly community like Jumeirah Village Triangle, most buyers will want to come with their families so everyone can have a walk-through of what everyday life in the house will be like. This is where you sell the villa. For most of it, your real estate agent will handle the viewings, questions, and negotiations, but as the seller, it is your job to make sure the property looks up to the mark. Aim for the bight and clutter-free space that will instantly give a cozy feel. Advertise your open house with word of mouth, and community Facebook groups. You can opt for printing a few brochures and doing a little old-school door-to-door marketing. For more tips on how to set up an open house and when the best time to host one is, check out our recent blog here.

Utilize marketing channels to help you sell faster

Does your home have a built-in pool? Floor to ceiling windows with natural sunlight? Chic and high-end furniture? If the answer is yes, then take photos of them!

Professional photos aid massively to showcase your home as a place people will want to live. You can even take quick walkthrough videos that highlight the key features and send them out to your contacts. 

However, it is important to know that while you may want to sell your villa privately, listing with an agent gives you the advantage of premium marketing services. A real estate agent has professional videographers and photographers, they can list your property on all the portals, such as PropertyFinder, Bayut, etc which increases exposure and have several contacts so their word of mouth spreads a lot faster! 

At A&Co, we give our landlords the benefit of a 360 marketing service. From professional photos to high-end property tours, we make sure your property is out there as much as it possibly can be! And if you’re a seller who likes to be involved in the process, we’ll let you do the tour! You can check out one of our recent sellers walking us through his property here. Our listings are also verified on all our portals giving them a bigger reach. Read our full sellers guide here.

So if you’re a seller looking to move out, list your villa with us! For more info, contact us at 800ASCOT or reach one of our community agents directly.

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